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There is no force, no money, and no power to stop us now, and change our fate. Now every problem is destroyed. We raise our hands and bodies to their peak, into the universe, towards the stars we go.
-B Mashina

In the aftermath of the Last War, Khorvaire is changing. Where once there was one nation, now there are many. Not just five, but a host of others, where refugees, monsters, rebels, barbarian invaders, or awakened heirs to lost empires are subject to self-determination in accordance with the Treaty of Thronehold.

Forces long kept in check by the Galifaran kings have had a great burden lifted from them. The dragonmarked houses have found new power bases during the Last War, and without a continentwide enforcer are beginning to shake off the old habit of abiding by the Korth accords.

Breland has a corporatist machine up and running, churning out an all new philosophy where the people would depose their kings and govern themselves in their own interest. Meanwhile, the soldiers returning from the war have no jobs, little money, and even less loyalty to the crown. Warforged, an entirely new kind of man, have entered the workforce as free citizens in an environment where unemployment is very high, the government is unstable, and broken men hardened by decades of bloodshed wander the countryside, knowing only the ways of war.

Monsters pour out of the dead grey mists even as arguably more dangerous ones organize to the west. It has been a mere four years since an entire nation simply vanished from the map, and perhaps the luckier of its citizens vanished along with it. Others are refugees, suffering not only terrible disfigurations from the effects of the Mourning, but also from a nationalist fervor and hatred in a land that is no longer their own. Others wander the Mournland itself, in a state more horrifying than the clutches of the Keeper’s realms. As the only nation to accept their entry, Cyran refugees flood into Breland’s borders, setting up their own tracts of land in unwanted places or forming into slums and ghettos like High Walls.

Cyre is not the only land to suffer terrible after-effects from the war. New and terrible weapons of war have been discovered, and the destruction of the Last War has far exceeded that of anything which has come before. Battlefields across the continent are poisoned with arcane fallout, infested with ghosts, living spells, reality storms, and worse.

In the midst of mass unrest, post-war trauma, nationalist fervor, social revolution, horrific fallout, and every rich merchant baron in Khorvaire vying to secure their place in the emerging new world order, there are perhaps forces best left undisturbed, and best left undiscovered.

Welcome to Khorvaire.

Home Page

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